Alchemy Perfumes

Alchemy Gold Eau de Parfum

Alchemy Gold Sexy & Irresistible

Alchemy 33 Eau de Parfum

Alchemy 33 Signature Fragrance

Alchemy Acqua Eau de Parfum

Alchemy Acqua Most Popular

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About Us

Alchemy Perfumes is a transcendent beauty product. These luminous fragrances will raise your vibration, awakening your senses to balance your chakras.

Each fragrance is created by composing complex notes to uplift and inspire. Experience the long lasting intoxicating scents of Alchemy Perfumes.

“ To be whole, we must tend to Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit. ”

– Laura Razia Dijulius

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Our Scents

Alchemy Perfumes is a unique spiritual beauty product that is always evolving with scents and scents through a deep connection to spirit.

Alchemy Perfumes is a luxury fragrance brand created to elevate you. Transcend by simply breathing these intoxicating scents.